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The Ultimate Tool for Internal Communications

Broadcast Center is the best communications tool to quickly and accurately target messages across your business. Watch the demonstration today.

Duration: 45 mins + 15 mins Q&A

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Samantha Kenney

Vice President, Global Marketing


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The Ultimate Tool for Internal Communications`

As communicators, we’ve all been there - the need to drive awareness for a company event, promote open enrollment, or gather volunteers for a charitable cause. We’ve also been called upon when the company needs to relay safety or business-critical information to it’s employees. Creating content in different platforms for different audiences is tedious and time consuming - until now.

Broadcast Center, the latest in employee experience platform innovation from Akumina, addresses this issue head-on.  The Akumina Broadcast Center gives content authors the ability to distribute formatted messages across an organization to the right personnel with the appropriate urgency. 

The sleek design tool allows you to create your message, including any additional media like links, images, and videos. You can then select the audience for your message based on any attribute – location, language, job role, or even customized persona. Finally, it’s time to send with any combination of channels to match the urgency of your message: SMS text, email, alert, or homepage takeover. No other modern communication platform combines all of these options into one, easy-to-use interface.

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What Broadcast Center can help with:

  • Announcing urgent company-related information in a timely manner - Communicate with employees and keep correspondence organized
  • Localizing communications to specific audiences - Send targeted messaging to certain departments, groups, or company-wide
  • Tracking employee engagment - Use analytics to see how employees are engaging with your content 

From issuing product recalls to announcing office closures, you now have the capability to do it all seamlessly.  The days of employees missing urgent communications are long gone.  Learn more by accessing the on-demand webinar today. 

Meet your host

samantha 1

Samantha Kenney

Vice President, Global Marketing


Samantha comes to Akumina from Bottomline Technologies where she was responsible for their global digital strategy. Her extensive background includes work at Silvertech where she managed a team of digital strategist and built out brand recognition for their largest clients.

From pioneering a non-profit, regional branding initiative to advancing corporate digital transformation on a global scale, Samantha’s ability to spearhead marketing plans and execute efficiently is inspired. She coaches her teams on finding the ‘why’ for customers and then crafts solutions that will help them reach their goals.

Samantha is an in-demand speaker on a national scale, providing custom workshops aimed at driving organizations forward in the digital space.

Our Speakers

Tim Gardner  – VP, Technical Consulting, Akumina

Tim is a results-driven technology executive with over 12 years of hands-on experience working with clients to provide solutions that provide significant business value to address critical business challenges. He has a proven track record in building strong relationships with key stakeholders from both the business and technical side.