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Your Roadmap for Wellness in the Digital Workplace

“In today’s world of remote and hybrid work, it’s not sufficient to only encourage self-care. We need to innovate and leverage technology to help employees operationalize much-needed breaks into their daily routines.” - Kathleen Hogan, Chief People Officer at Microsoft

Duration: 30 mins + 10 mins Q&A

Top job perks in 2019: Free snacks, nap pods, vacation time.

Top job perks in 2021: Wellness programs, prescription discounts, flexible work schedules, health insurance, family leave.

The shift in employee prioritization has left many businesses reeling with lots of questions, but few answers.

  • “How do we ensure our team is supported?”
  • “What do our employees actually want?”
  • “How do we deliver this program to our remote or deskless workforce?”
  • “How do we encourage feedback?”

To help answer these questions, we have assembled examples from top businesses like Amazon and Forrester on their wellness programs and initiatives. We’ll dive into how those examples were implemented using technology, and ultimately, how they are thriving in hybrid work environments.

This webinar will inspire you with:

  • Ideas for your wellness program
  • Examples of how top companies are using technology for their wellness programs
  • Tools for monitoring and preventing employee burnout in any location

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