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What Companies Need a Modern Intranet?

First, let’s discuss what a “modern” intranet is. It is an updated and more advanced version of the intranet most people are used to. It should be branded, personalized, and accessible by all employees. Being able to combine all of your tools, software, and content into one harmonious system is what sets modern intranets apart from a standard intranet.

Of course! That’s like asking if your employees need a computer, or a phone, or a cash register. A modern intranet is a staple in a successful business, the unfortunate part is that some companies still haven’t accepted this necessary tool.

Realistically all businesses should use a modern intranet. Let’s take a look at some well-known organizations that have invested in a powerful digital workplace.

Sports Industry: The Boston Red Sox have more than 1,000 employess that they need to support in all different situations. From the marketing team to the concession stands, all employees have access to the same information across any device.

Healthcare Industry: GlaxoSmithKline, GSK, is a pharmaceutical company with 100,000 employees across 150 countries. Having a unified modern intranet allows them to easily connect with all employees in different languages across the globe.

Financial Industry: ING banking and financial services are available in 40 countries with more than 38 million customers. In order to continue to provide a cohesive experience to all of their customers they have invested in an intranet to empower their 70,000+ employees.

Government Industry: That’s right, even the government needs an intranet! The Department of Interior focuses on natural resources including national parks and employs more than 70,000 people. Connecting and communicating with all of these employees across the country is now a simple task.

Education Industry: Southern New Hampshire University has been leading the digital learning space for years. They have been able to do this by understanding how important it is to provide a solid digital platform that is easy to use by students and faculty. Beyond interactions with students, the university has to connect 10,000+ employees. By creating a modern intranet they are able to remain one of the best universities to work for.

Ready to take the next step in implementing a modern intranet that your employees deserve? We are here to help!