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Introducing Project BOND: The Akumina Release that will Unite Your Workforce Like Never Before

Today is a landmark day in Akumina history as we roll out our biggest, most powerful release to date, Project BOND.

The Akumina 5.0 release is codenamed Project BOND for several reasons. First, it's the world's best in the employee experience platform game, much like its namesake is the best in the spy game. Second, it's full of features to better connect your employees with each other, the business, and the applications they use to be productive. Thereby BOND-ing the organization together. (See what we did there?)

Let's walk through some Project BOND feature highlights.

Intelligent Activity Streams

The keystone feature in the release is an employee engagement game-changer, especially now that we've mostly shifted to fully-remote workplaces.

With the Project BOND release, we've delivered the ability to create an enterprise-wide social workplace platform with Intelligent Activity Streams. Share and promote content, communicate critical and time sensitive messages, integrate relevant bits of information from thousands of external systems and build a collaborative social space that is representative of your organization’s mission.

“By driving content into an activity-based newsfeed interface with integrated enterprise social features, this release will change the game on how medium and large enterprises drive increases in employee engagement, ” said David Maffei, President and Co-Founder of Akumina.

Akumina Step Planning Engine

Akumina's next-generation process optimization engine streamlines productivity and efficiency across your entire workforce. Transform your sticky note To Do lists into organized, easy to follow, fully transparent digital checklists. Whether it’s onboarding, offboarding, employee relocation, or any other large-scale procedure, the Akumina Step Planning Engine pulls relevant micro-moments from integrated applications into a single, comprehensive experience that you can configure to work for you.



Akumina + Microsoft Teams

While Akumina and Microsoft have always been tightly integrated, we've taken our relationship with Teams one step further with the Project BOND release. Powered by our single-page application framework (SPA), you can now more easily build and deploy your modern intranet inside of teams. Start your day as usual by logging into Teams, but enjoy the power of the Akumina employee experience platform when you do.
Project BOND also delivers even deeper out-of-the-box integrations with major cloud providers like Microsoft, ServiceNow, Workday,, and more. So all of your tasks are in one, centralized location.

When you're ready to take the plunge and transform your modern intranet with the most robust solution on the market, we're here to support you.