Communication Platform

Real Communication – Real Context

The Akumina Employee Experience Platform (EXP) empowers businesses to have real-time, two-way, and meaningful communication in more than 210 languages.

Get Through to Each Other in
Meaningful Ways

  • Bridge the gap between employers and employees by providing relevant communications.
  • Internal communication is a two-way street, and Akumina’s modern intranet software provides the multi-direction and real-time communication enterprises need.
  • Create meaningful, convenient ways to talk about every aspect of your business on any device, and at any time.



Personalize and Communicate on
a Global Scale

  • Toggle languages on the front end to seamlessly translate and build multilingual content on the back end to communicate in any language, across the enterprise.
  • Personalize content by delivering it contextually based on employees’ progressions from being new hires to being veteran collaborators with increased responsibilities, or based on their activity and actions on the site, or even their geography.
  • Send push notifications on any mobile device through Akumina’s enterprise-native mobility and internal communication tools.