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Value Added Services

Akumina supports our customer base with services and partner relationships to ensure you get the very best

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Award-winning modern intranet and employee experience platform.

1 Personalization

Customer Success Team

We partner with you to help your organization and employees get the most out of Akumina.

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2 Content Managemnet

Training Subscription

Set your whole team up for success, from content admins to developers with unlimited training.

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3 Team Communication

Partner Network

Our robust partner network is here to help you support even the most complex deployments.

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4 Productivity & Collaboration

Software Deployment Types

We help you to deliver the right deployment of your solution for your organization.

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5 Wellness & Culture

Advanced Retained Services

Have an Akumina expert in your corner and on-call 24/7 to ensure ultimate success.

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Transform your digital workplace experience.

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