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Enterprise Search

Federate all your content, data, assets and intel together into a single ranked result set

Intelligent search experiences 

Akumina delivers a Google-like search out of the box, designed to get the right information into the hands of your users faster than ever before. 

Take total control of the search experience, ensuring it's designed to match your broader digital workplace. Empower content owners to promote, highlight and spotlight the right content at the right time within search. Enable users to pinpoint the information they need with intelligent filters and refiners to narrow results, regardless of where the information lives.


Driven by machine learning

Deliver suggested results that leverage machine learning, while allowing users to search for content, pages, assets, and people in one simple-to-use interface. Allow users to refine the result set based on their location, persona or even the language they speak.



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Don't get boxed into a single search provider.

Leverage an out-of-the-box search experience powered by Microsoft, or leverage Akumina’s search provider model. This model natively supports a ‘bring your own search engine’ approach with support for 3rd-party search providers such as BA Insight, Coveo, Solr, Autonomy Idol and more.


Household names, elite experiences


Akumina Community Spotlight: Boston Red Sox

"We were looking for a digital engagement partner to really help us communicate with our employees...create a compelling experience that was visually rich, that was mobile interactive, that was compelling, and that our employee base wanted to leverage and use as a tool to help them do their jobs better and be more informed."

Brian Shield | Chief Information Officer, Boston Red Sox
new GSK
3 Red Sox
4 Unilever
6 Dept of Defense
7 Metlife
9 Crocs
10 Chevron
Northern Trust

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