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Our Popular Features

Akumina has unparalleled features in the market, offering the most advanced and user-friendly solutions available

For Your Businesses

We provide secure, seamless integrations with hundreds of applications. We aren't your primary data source so we can fit into your existing governance and security models.

With IT happy with our technology platform, your communications team can customize content, widgets and themes to make your intranet perfectly on-brand, personalized and immersive. There are plenty of features that ensure your employees stay up-to-date and access your content - on any device, in any language and at any time.


For Your Employees

Taking advantage of ground-breaking AI, content and productivity features has enabled Akumina to create the greatest digital employee hub and modern intranet experience yet.

Your employees are delivered personalized, unique, adaptive and AI-enhanced experiences across any canvas - from web to mobile, to digital signage, kiosks and more. 


What analysts are saying

"Akumina is a versatile platform this is rich in functionality and highly flexible."


Unify your workforce under a single mission, vision, and culture.

  • Total visual control with no design limitations
  • Deliver hyper-personalized messaging to every employee
  • Integrate across your technology systems, including HRIS and workforce management.
  • Simple content management and publishing capabilities 
  • Multilingual support
  • Best-in-class onboarding and offboarding experiences
  • Native mobility with full and conditional access
  • Enable content managers to build and launch sites
  • One-touch site deployment with brand control
  • Multi-channel and multi-experience content delivery, including your digital workplace/intranet, mobile app, email, alerts and digital signage
  • Content approval workflows, advanced analytics and and custom dashboards 
  • Integration with chatbot technologies
  • Target content and experiences to every user
  • Supports multiple content types, including static images and videos
  • Seamless content management in any language
  • Build process flows like onboarding and relocation
  • Define and manage users, permissions and personas
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Award-winning modern intranet and employee experience platform.

1 Personalization

Content & Asset Management

Enjoy easy-to-use content editing features that keeps your content relevant, fresh, and personalized.

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2 Content Managemnet

Total Visual Control

Design the interface of your employee hub your way with complete design control.

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3 Team Communication

Advanced AI

Automation and assistance for your employees and day-to-day communications.

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4 Productivity & Collaboration

Personalized & Adaptive Delivery

Target content and experiences to each and every member of your team.

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9 Search

Enterprise Search

Intelligent, comprehensive search results across all your systems.

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6 Mobility & Frontline Workers

Integration (APIs, SDKs, Connectors)

Seamlessly bring all your technology together.

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