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Types of Deployment Support

Run faster towards the transformative digital employee experience your organization desires

When you need a solution now

Your time is limited, your business isn't stopping and you want a new modern intranet solution launched yesterday. Akumina offers several different deployment styles, plus a robust partner network for customers looking to imagine broader digital transformation across their business. 

Successful fast deployment is the name of the game, but your needs depend on your organization’s goals, your workplace objectives and overall vision. 


Express deployment

Express style is a fast, budget-friendly solution, focused on allowing organizations to get up and running quickly - focusing on out-of-the-box features and starting with a repeatable foundation.  Customers who start with express are looking to maximize time to value.

  • Designed for rapid and streamlined implementation.
  • Ideal for cost-effective solutions with minimal customization.
  • Offers standardized templates, but is every bit as configurable as a more customized build
  • Express deployments do not mean fewer features - every Akumina feature is always ready to use

Plus deployment

Plus deployment style makes use of the same core foundation as Express, however Plus deployments focus on award-winning User Interface Design and User Experience on top of the Akumina platform.

  • Designed for you via the AkuminaLab user-centered design process or by working with a partner
  • Supports a strategic roadmap around design, user interface and user experience combined with strategic consulting.
  • Plus deployments do not mean fewer features - every Akumina feature is always ready to use, but with Plus you get a design we envision together brought to life right before your eyes



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