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Social Engine

Drive engagement across your business with Akumina's Social capabilities. Activity Streams, Kudos, Reactions, Commenting and more all included out of the box.

React, Comment, Award Prasie and More with Akumina Social

Akumina incorporates advanced commenting and reaction capabilities, designed to foster enhanced engagement and collaboration within an organization's digital workspace. The social engine allows employees to actively participate in discussions by posting comments on shared content, such as news articles, announcements, and project updates while also awarding Kudos and singing the praise of your top performers.

Employees can use a variety of reaction options, similar to popular social media platforms, which helps in gauging the collective sentiment and engagement levels towards shared content. This functionality not only enriches the user experience by adding a social media-like interactivity but also aids in creating a more connected and responsive workplace culture.  


Social interactions don't need to be scary.

  • Empower your workforce to crowd-source social interactions across your business.
  • Moderate certain content-types, but not all, to allow transparency.
  • Understand trends in sentiment analysis and how its effecting your company.
  • Drive trending content and interactions to the right users at the right time on the right device. 

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A social-network powered experience.

Provide a single view of any time-sensitive information your team needs to know or act on, filtered by their persona profile and individually set preferences within your notification engine or a dynamic intelligent Activity Stream.

Share and promote content, integrate relevant information from thousands of systems and build a collaborative social space that represents your organization’s mission.



Household names, elite experiences


Employee Experience Academy: Church's Chicken

"Successfully delivering a better experience for our employees with a more robust intranet was possible only through the partnership between our Communications and IT teams working collaboratively with Akumina to build a truly scalable digital solution for the organization."

Joe Christina | Chief Executive Officer, Church's Chicken
new GSK
3 Red Sox
4 Unilever
6 Dept of Defense
7 Metlife
9 Crocs
10 Chevron
Northern Trust

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