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Digital Broadcast Center

Drive targeted multi-channel messaging across web, mobile, SMS text, email & overhead display.

Multiple platforms create multiple issues

We’ve all been there - you need to drive awareness of an event, promote enrollment, or even relay safety or business-critical information. You want to reach everyone, so you end up juggling reviewing, posting and reporting on the content across multiple platforms and still don’t know if your message was really received. 



Streamline & amplify

Our Broadcast Center addresses this issue head-on; communicators can harness personas and integrations already in place to deliver messages throughout your entire business and across any canvas.

You can create, post and report across multiple channels within Akumina, and utilize new channels like login takeovers and SMS text to make your message go even further.


The Definitive Guide for Developing an Employee Experience Strategy

The ultimate tool for Communications

With our new sleek design, you can:

  • Craft your message: Use a simple text editor that allows for images, videos, links and more
  • Select your channels: Options include email, SMS text, login takeover, notification bell, and alert bar
  • Confirm the audience: Utilize personas, security groups, or dynamic groups to target your message to the right user
  • Track engagement: Verify recipients, failed and delivered messages, engagement and more for reporting

Household names, elite experiences.

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