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Digital Employee Hub

Go beyond traditional intranet solutions to create dynamic integrated experiences that increase productivity by minimizing context switching.

Once your organization has reached a certain scale, you need a platform that can organize, process and federate information and action into a single pane of glass designed to centralize everything in the palm of every employees hand.

Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform (EXP) can help you build a centralized digital employee hub that brings everything together for each employee - personalzied and adapted for them. With a flexible and customizable design and hundreds of platform integrations, Akumina’s digital employee hub solutions can grow with you as your career evolves.

Improve Engagement

Creating a single pane of glass hub, your team members are notified of, find, act and engage with everything from approvals to tasks to process flows quickly and easily. Expericnes are served in the employees native language and delivered on any device and at any time.

Akumina uses the latest in machine learning and AI to surface the most relevant content, tasks, approvals and more based on an individual's attributes and behavior, so all your employees get the right personalzied experience for them that allows them to get work done faster.



Increase Productivity

Akumina brings together all the necessary information and actions relevant to an individual employee into one immersive and user-friendly view. By doing so, it streamlines access to various corporate resources, communications, and data. This approach enhances productivity and engagement, as employees can effortlessly navigate through their daily tasks, collaborate with colleagues, and access company-wide information without the need to switch between multiple platforms.

The intuitive interface of Akumina's hub ensures that each employee's unique needs and preferences are catered to, making their digital workplace experience more personalized and efficient


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Streamline Processes

Akumina integrates with many different applications through open-API technology, so your team can keep on working across their existing systems. Bringing all information together enables easy switching, sharing and collaborating on work.

Your employee digital hub scales with your business, so as processes grow and more applications are onboarded, Akumina can link up with those too.


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