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3 Ways to Engage Remote Employees with a Digital Workplace

We know working remotely has been a huge adjustment for everyone. Your focus probably shifted, and priorities changed. All of a sudden you are relying on internal communications for everything. Networks are overworked and struggling to keep up with the demand that comes from remote working. If you are like me, you spend a quarter of your day sifting through all the emails and chats.

With all of the shuffling around, we hope you haven’t forgotten the importance of employee engagement. Whether you are HR, IT, a manager, or an executive you must have a strategy on how to interact with employees and ensure they are still interacting with one another. This is necessary at a company to ensure efficiency and high productivity. Employees that are part of highly engaged teams help drive profit up 21%. Make sure you are encouraging your employees and keeping the company culture alive.

Engaging Employees beyond the boring email blasts:

Kudos! Let your employees know they are appreciated. Whether you are straight to the point or extra fluffy, just make sure to remember that everyone is human! As much as you appreciate someone noticing your hard work and dedication, another person is hoping for the same thing.

Akumina Solution: With the latest release, Project BOND, a kudos engine is now available for your intranet. Easily give a shout out or a thank you with a click of a button and let everyone know the great work that is happening.

Feedback! Employees love to be heard, but it is hard to do that from behind a screen working remotely. No one wants to be that colleague that is sending out emails to the whole team about an idea and never seeing it play out. Especially for the thoughts that can improve the organization.

Akumina Solution: Available on the latest release, you can now ask for feedback right within a news feed. Easily promote content that you want to be seen and engaged with.

Easy Communication! No one wants to have to learn a new system or remember a new log in. Do your employees have access to multiple communication tools? Maybe it is Slack, Teams, Skype, Google Hangout, or a simple text message, there can be a lot to have to log in to and check throughout the day. Make sure everyone knows which communication system is the most critical.

Akumina Solution: With the help of Microsoft’s Power Automate you can sync with thousands of different applications and leverage Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform to bring all of those communication systems into one centralized hub.