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2022 ClearBox Consulting Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms

This guide from ClearBox details the best intranet and employee experience products on the market. Download now to access the full report.

Intranets and employee experience platforms make a real difference. They are strategic investments that drive organizational benefits and support employees through their working day. An intranet helps people get things done, stay informed about what’s going on, and help find that person, that application, or that little piece of data. Intranets and employee experience platforms contribute to the way an employee feels about the place they work, encourage and reflect organizational culture, and can even improve levels of customer service.

Intranets have been around for more than two decades and through constant evolution they are still delivering value today. Employee experience platforms are newer, but they are also developing quickly. Overall, it’s a highly mature market with excellent choices of software and some sophisticated solutions available to suit different organizational needs and types of workforce.

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Clearbox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms

ClearBox has extensively reviewed over one-hundred intranet and employee engagement tools over the past few years. Some areas make these freshly reviewed products stand out - here are the top five findings:
  • User experience is consistently strong
  • Internal communicators will be pleased by the features on offer
  • Users are more likely than ever to find what they’re looking for
  • A real sense of community can be built easily
  • Mobile solutions have improved

Download the ClearBox Consulting Intranet and Employee Experience Platform report today to access the complete findings and see how Akumina performed. 


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