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Crawl, Walk, Sprint: The Path to Deploying an Award-Winning Intranet Experience

A phased approach can make all the difference in agilely developing and deploying your intranet platform. Download our whitepaper to discover how the 'crawl, walk, sprint' method can help your organization progress faster.

In today's digital era, modern intranets in large enterprises have evolved into crucial tools that shape organizational operations, collaboration, and innovation. However, creating such intranets poses many challenges and gives many technological, customization, and security choices. Our whitepaper explores these challenges, offering strategies and technologies to help you revolutionize your digital platforms.

Akumina understands how complex creating and deploying your intranet can be. You'll find case studies, insights and advice from our successful customers who've undertaken the same journey. We've also included the most up-to-date insights from Akumina experts on the latest trends, including how the rise of remote work has made the modern intranet even more crucial. Whether you are looking for a partner to advise your internal teams or launch a build for you, Akumina has the flexibility and knowledge to become the partner you need. 

Our comprehensive whitepaper covers every step of your intranet journey, including:

  • Stakeholder engagement and getting the green light
  • Strategic planning
  • Aligning internal teams and choosing partners
  • Design & UX
  • Implementation
  • Launch day!

In summary, intranet deployment can be a tricky, lengthy process, with so many decisions to make. Our whitepaper includes advice for all phases throughout your journey, including how the 'crawl, walk, sprint' method can help you avoid common pitfalls like overwhelming users with features, neglecting ongoing support or assuming your intranet will run itself post-launch.

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