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Workers Will Be Unhappy in 2024

A recent NPR interview with Gallup CEO Jon Grafton highlighted one of the big issues that companies will face in 2024: unhappy workers. 

Gallup polling has shown a steady increase in employee dissatisfaction since it started measuring this statistic in 2006. While many factors play a part in this discontent, one of the major areas of frustration with workers is feeling disconnected from their employer. Grafton states that upwards of 60% of the world's workforce does not feel engaged in the workplace. 

Research has shown time and again the benefit of engaged employees. One Microsoft report found that companies with engaged employees had a stock price that outperformed competitors, by up to 100%. The publicly traded companies with a highly engaged workforce even outpaced the S&P 500. 

One of the things that Akumina has always strived to do is help employees connect with the organization and stay engaged. Modern intranets are not just communications platforms, but are now strategic tools for the growth focused organizations. By having all employees connected to the news, events, announcements, and goals of the company, intranets enable employers to keep the workforce engaged. This is important not just for knowledge based workers, but especially so for frontline employees that have historically disconnected digitally from their employer. 

Akumina truly believes that with the right tools given to the workforce, everyone can Love the Way You Work. 

When you add the benefits of an engaged workforce to the advantages of productive employees, there is only growth for the smart employers in 2024. Use a modern intranet platform, mobile communications channels, and productivity centers to buck the triend of unhappy employees. 

Create Happy Employees in 2024