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Enable Retail Workers with a Modern Intranet

Whereas corporate intranets were largely a tool for desk-based workers, there is much more focus on how to bring a consistent intranet to frontline workers as part of a full digital employee experience initiative. 

Because of historic turn over and part-time status of many retail workers, they have often been a lower priority audience when it comes to an intranet platform. But with intranets being a key tool to help drive employee engagement, bringing that experience is to the retail workforce is critical for success based on Gallup research that shows that organizations with engaged employees see higher stock prices and profitability compared to companies with unengaged employees. 

With that in mind, here are 5 ways implementing a modern intract can benefit your frontline retail employees:

Enhanced Mobility and Accessibility: Retail frontline workers are often on the move, and Gartner shows that more than 80% of frontline employees carry an internet-enabled mobile device. A mobile-enabled intranet breaks down communication barriers, allowing them to access crucial updates and information via their mobile devices. Push notifications ensure important messages are not missed, fostering a more connected and informed workforce.

Robust Feedback Mechanisms: Implementing feedback loops within the intranet can significantly boost engagement. Retail employees, like their desk-based counterparts, value being heard. Digital forms and suggestion boxes on the intranet can gather insights and ideas from frontline staff, promoting a sense of belonging and respect. Anonymous NPS feedback, and real-time wellness surveys give management all the information they need for continuous improvement.

Empowerment through Idea Sharing: An ideation portal within the intranet can help mitigate feelings of isolation among retail workers. By providing a platform for sharing ideas and collaborating, retail employees can contribute to and influence organizational decisions and practices, enhancing their sense of agency and purpose. Giving voice to the frontline workers is great way to bring their experiences into organization change.

Leveraging Firsthand Experiences for Improvement: Frontline retail workers possess unique insights into customer experiences and operational challenges. By using the intranet to share these insights, businesses can better understand and address the specific needs of their frontline staff, leading to more effective and efficient operations​.

Creating a Digital Workplace Culture: Transforming the traditional workplace into a digital-centric environment is crucial for empowering frontline retail workers. Digital noticeboards and message walls encourage informal communication and peer support. This approach not only enhances connectivity but also aligns frontline employees more closely with the company's values and goals​, creating for a fully aligned workforce.

Implementing a corporate intranet tailored to the needs of frontline retail workers can bring transformative benefits, fostering a more engaged, informed, and efficient workforce.

Learn how Akumina as brought a modern intranet to retail organizations such as Barnes & Noble, Wholefoods, and the Boston Red Sox. 


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