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The Benefits of a Social Intranet

What is a social intranet?

This year a lot of companies have been forced to adapt to a remote work environment. In order to be successful, these companies have been relying on a digital workplace, and a modern intranet. Social intranets are more important than ever in order to keep a line of communication open and improve team collaboration.

What exactly is a social intranet? Glad you asked! A social intranet empowers employees with more than just access to files and a chat system. Imagine having a tool like LinkedIn built into your intranet.

Benefits of a Social Intranet

For years companies have focused on building a strong culture within their office. Company culture can include group lunches, happy hour, team building exercises and more. Now that the office buildings are desolate, where has that culture gone? Was all of that work for nothing? Not quite! Having a social intranet provides another way for businesses to enhance and improve their company culture in a remote setting.

When we think of intranets, we might assume they are a tool for HR to use to share information with employees. That, however, is the old intranet. A social intranet is a way for employees to interact with each other in a group setting without cluttering their inboxes. Having employees interact in a social environment is what company culture is all about. Connecting different employees across the organization in one location allows for easier access to information and ideas.

A proper social intranet should have key features:

  • Easy administrative use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Integration across all applications
  • Content management
  • Search capability
  • Notifications
  • Employee personas

When you are looking into ways to bring your company culture into the digital world, remember that employee engagement is the goal. Engaged employees are happy employees, thus making them effective employees.

Learn more about how Akumina’s platform focuses on employee engagement and how it can help your business.