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What does the Future of Employee Experience Look Like?

In recent years companies began focusing on company culture to align with the younger workforce. The culture was centered around the office space, whether it was free snacks or a ping-pong table, these perks are now obsolete. The office space as we once knew it has changed forever and your culture must shift to reflect this change. So what does this mean for the future of employee experience?

What does “employee experience” really mean?

An employee experience is every encounter employees will have while working at your organization. This includes technology and software they use, to the fun culture they expect and want. It goes much deeper than just this though. Employees expect to learn and grow at work and this hasn’t changed in the remote work environment, it just needs to be approached a little differently.

Having a strong employee experience means you need to know what employees want and expect from your organization. A few things they want: flexibility, to be heard, and training. A few things employees expect from your organization: easy access to information, collaborative workspaces, and career development.

If you are asking yourself this question than you are already one step ahead of everyone else. One major thing we suggest is gathering employee feedback. No one knows what hurdles and roadblocks there are like your employees do! After all, they are the ones experiencing it on a daily basis. A major factor that most companies have recently realized, is having a solid intranet. The modern intranet is no longer a place for HR or IT to store files, it is the new office space. Providing your employees with a central digital hub to all information and an easy way to communicate across the organization is necessary. We recently discussed the 6 Pillars of an Elite Employee Experience that will help you prioritize next steps.

Yes! Yes! Yes! 2020 has been a game changer for many things we once considered normal, including work. Major businesses have already stepped forward to discuss how they are updating their work policies to focus on remote working. By doing so, businesses need the right tools to ensure the employee experience is just as good digitally as it was in the office or, hopefully, even better.

Are you ready to invest in a a digital workplace that will engage employees more than that ping pong table? We can help! Speak with a specialist today about the latest tools available to businesses.