A Better Sharepoint Experience

The Problem

70,000 businesses have SharePoint - few are happy with the experience it delivers

The Challenge

SharePoint is an excellent platform on which to build intranets, extranets and portals. Organizations already have petabytes of data under SharePoint management, and IT wants to use SharePoint over other alternatives. That said, most business users believe SharePoint is difficult to use and impossible to brand.

Mobile further complicates the SharePoint equation for IT. Because of the challenges of making SharePoint information available on mobile devices, many business users move information into ungoverned, cloud-based file sync and share services, introducing tremendous security, and information governance risk to the business.

The Solution

Akumina's software addresses two user experience gaps in SharePoint. Akumina's InterChange Apps improve the content authoring and site management experience. Akumina's InterChange Web Parts simplify the creation, extension and management of SharePoint Web Parts. InterChange Web Parts also allow SharePoint-managed information to be available through easy-to-manage, mobile apps.
The InterChange dashboard allows for role-based content creation and site management on any device.

InterChange Apps

  • Role Based AuthoringThe management of any content is tied to an App that exposes only what an author needs to manage that specific content type.
  • List ManagementAdd content into any list and reorder items using drag and drop without ever accessing SharePoint.
  • Modify InterChange Web Part FunctionalitySite managers can modify how an InterChange Web Part functions without editing the page or web part through SharePoint.

InterChange Web Parts

  • Transform SharePoint from Ordinary to Extraordinary Stop settling for the default SharePoint experience—and the business user complaints.
  • Easy to Deploy and Extend InterChange Web Parts can be added to any SharePoint site and easily extended.
  • Mobilize SharePoint All InterChange Web Parts are built using responsive web design for mobile access.

    InterChange Web Parts can be developed to target any front-end platform, including SharePoint. This allows developers to build mobile apps that deliver SharePoint-managed content to any device.
Manage the mobile experience for your site visitors from an intuitive and dynamic interface, no code required.

Training is not the Answer, Invest in a Solution

A Better TeamSite

Give business users the experience they expect from any modern site, even your SharePoint Team Site's they use to manage internal projects and digital assets.

SharePoint Simplified

Stop accepting the poor user experience that SharePoint delivers out of the box. With Akumina, business users will stop complaining and everyone will be able to focus on getting their jobs done.

SharePoint Mobilized

Stop the need for SharePoint managed information to be put into external sync and share systems just so that business users can access on the go. Use Akumina to make sure your SharePoint is available, everywhere.