Content Management for Office 365

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Unveiling O365 Development with Microsoft

Join Microsoft Sr. Product Manager Chris McNulty to learn why your existing server-side skill set is just as relevant as client-side scripting when creating Microsoft Cloud applications.

Chris McNulty
Microsoft Sr. Product Manager

When: Now!
Duration: 30 Minutes
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  • AkuminaXP

    Easy to understand user-interface experience that empowers business users to do their job rather than learning how to work in multiple backend systems.



  • DevFramework

    An easy way for organizations to deliver mobile first, cloud first, business applications on Microsoft's cloud services with client-side OR server-side development patterns.



How Does Akumina Help You?

Online Site Business User

As a business user, working within SharePoint is overly complicated for what I need. I only update content once in a while and although I have gone through training, I can't seem to remember how to get around in SharePoint!

Akumina provides me with an app, which only presents me with detail required for each task! Very intuitive, so I can quickly find the content to update, make changes, preview them and hit publish when I'm done. I don't even need to go into SharePoint at all to do my job now.


Site Managers

SharePoint is my thing, it's what I love…but showing the knowledge workers how to simply manage content has proven to be very difficult. It has led to never ending requests for me to update the site with their content.

With Akumina, not only are the knowledge workers able to update their own content using the task-based UX, I can easily provide them with just the right amount of capability to modify site behavior and functionality! Team productivity is way up and I have more time to focus on my tasks.



Before Akumina we were not getting full value out of our investment in SharePoint. As we look at migrating to the cloud, Office 365 and SharePoint online, I wanted to make sure we would get better adoption this time.

What I like about Akumina is that it has immediately empowered our business users. At the same time Akumina makes it a lot easier for my developers to build out cloud-ready solutions that can exist on premises and even hybrid, until we are ready to completely move to the cloud.



Before we started using Akumina my markup was constantly being undermined by the need to exist within a SharePoint page. Now we can create fabulous, responsive designs that exist outside the context of the SharePoint pages, but still have the security and scalability of Office 365 under the hood.



As my business moves increasingly to using Microsoft Cloud Services, like Office 365, I was concerned that my existing server-side skill-set would become less relevant for developing custom business applications that are cloud and mobile ready.

Akumina allows me to have the best of both worlds. I can use my existing .NET and MVC skills to deliver Office 365 content as a service to any type of application, not just client-side scripting on a SharePoint page – This allows me to determine the best development approach, regardless of how the solution is hosted.