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Set your company apart with a revolutionary digital workplace.

The new centerpiece of your modern digital workplace.

The Intelligent Activity Stream is a consolidated feed of time-sensitive information and tasks that allows for two-way communication and action.

Provide a single view of anything your team needs to know or act on - all filtered through their persona profile and individual preferences. Share and promote content, communicate critical and time sensitive messages, integrate relevant bits of information from thousands of systems and build a collaborative social space that is representative of your organization’s mission.



One place for improved productivity

The AkuminaEXP integrates with Microsoft Teams for a seamless employee experience.  

Give your team access to your full digital workplace in the tool they are already using to communicate and complete their jobs. Users are alerted to notifications and Intelligent Activity Stream updates, further driving engagement and increase communication with your team, no matter where they are.



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Made for your team from the moment they log in.

In addition to crucial information and tools that employees have access to in order to complete their job, the Onboarding Engine helps customize every aspect of your team's modern intranet experience on their first visit to your digital workplace.

With extensive tool integration and subscription management capabilities, users see content relevant for their interests, training, etc. 



Easy access to tools, team members, and resources.

Mission Control is the one-stop shop for everything your team needs to do their best work. The Mission Control icon is available on any page of your site.

When opened, access to applications, saved information, documents, and team members allows for increased efficiency and maximum productivity.


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