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Akumina Inc. today announced that Big Rock Sports has selected the InterChange Platform to ensure the success of its corporate intranet, built by Akumina partner BlueMetal on Office 365.

The premier firearms, ammunition, fishing, marine and camping distributor in North America, Big Rock Sports is focused on supplying local retailers with the tools needed to navigate the complexity of today’s marketplace. The company is also strongly committed to protecting the rights of hunters, anglers and all outdoor enthusiasts.

“Using Office 365 and SharePoint Online for our intranet ensures we will always have access to the latest advancements from Microsoft.” said, Shannon Adams director of IT operations at Big Rock Sports. “With InterChange in place we can guarantee that the site remains relevant to our employees by empowering our business users to create and update engaging site content and experiences without becoming Office 365 experts.”

InterChange allows all Microsoft customers to immediately begin productively using Office 365 services like SharePoint Online, Yammer and Office Video to deliver exceptional mobile-first, targeted, experiences on any corporate intranet or public facing web site.

Focusing on the user of the system, InterChange—known as “The CMS for Office 365,” delivers an intuitive content management interface for non-technical business users. Developers and system integrators can use InterChange’s scalable DevFramework to deploy ‘turn-key’ or highly ‘customized’ intranets, extranets, portals, collaboration sites and public facing websites which deliver Office 365-managed content as a service.

“Office 365 is a fantastic opportunity for businesses of any size to have a collaborative, personalized and engaging corporate intranet which helps employees feel connected, as well as be more productive,” said Ed Rogers, Akumina’s CEO. “InterChange is designed specifically to assist any Microsoft customer to take full advantage of all the technologies included with Office 365. It is great to see how BlueMetal is using our software to do just that as part of delivering a world-class, Office 365 intranet.”

About Akumina

Akumina delivers a software platform that enables internal business users to do their job and empowers developers to deliver a more intuitive way of increasing the adoption of today’s cloud technology. InterChange’s decoupled architecture independently empowers the creation, management and maintenance of site experiences powered by an organization’s digital intelligence, inside Office 365 and associated cloud technologies. Akumina’s clients include Roper Technologies, Putnam Investments, the Realty Operations Group and The University of California.

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