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Akumina Inc., whose InterChange software platform makes it easier for businesses to build adoptable digital experiences on SharePoint, today announced the appointment of Jason Arden as its vice president of engineering.

Arden will oversee the day-to-day operation of Akumina’s engineering organization, while also setting strategic direction as Akumina strengthens its ability to deliver InterChange as a multi-tenant, SaaS platform and optimizes its Software Developer Kit (SDK) to allow for the creation of SharePoint driven solutions for any delivery channel.  Arden’s experience will play an integral role in Akumina’s relationship with Microsoft, especially inside the Microsoft partner ecosystem as he delivers next generation solutions focused on driving tangible operational efficiency, adoptability and active use on the SharePoint, Office365 and Azure platforms.

Formerly at Bridgeline, Arden served as the vice president of R&D as well as chairman of the Product Committee while building a 30+-person, global software engineering team to execute against the product committee’s strategic vision. Prior to Bridgeline, Arden held several key senior positions at Ektron and is especially well-known within the Ektron developer community as the “Father of the Framework API.”

“Jason brings the perfect combination of skills to help us address two very important strategies going forward,” stated Udaiappa Ramachandran, Akumina’s CTO.  “His experience supporting multi-tenant SaaS offerings will be invaluable for Akumina as we continue to develop InterChange to support all possible deployment scenarios. Also, as we expand our SDK in support of the creation of custom SharePoint and Office365-driven business applications for any delivery channel, Jason will help to ensure we deliver channel-ready software on which our partners can reliably deliver client satisfaction.”

“I have been watching Akumina closely since they first unveiled InterChange and am very excited about this opportunity,” said Arden. “I look forward to solving the complex engineering challenges surrounding the ever increasing amounts of data our clients are putting into SharePoint and Office365. By solving these challenges with InterChange while ensuring that the InterChange platform can be predictably used to develop world-class business applications, Akumina will allow our clients to get more out of SharePoint and Office 365.”

Arden earned a bachelor’s of science degree in computer science, telecommunications and networking from DeVry University.

About Akumina
InterChange, Akumina’s platform built using SharePoint-as-a-Service, allows businesses to realize the full promise of SharePoint. InterChange users can accomplish content and site management tasks without ever being exposed to SharePoint’s UI. Additionally, InterChange simplifies the creation, extension and management of SharePoint sites and applications, and improves upon SharePoint’s default presentation ensuring mobility and adoption. The platform allows CIOs to empower subject matter experts to manage their own content and build their own pages without being exposed directly to SharePoint, on any device. With Interchange, organizations see dramatically increased ROI on their SharePoint investment, while driving end-user adoption and eliminating the need for redundant content platforms and heavy investment in ongoing training. Akumina boasts an executive team with better than 50 years of combined experience successfully delivering web software solutions to companies that range from small & medium businesses to fortune100 heavy-weights. Akumina’s customer base includes Roper Technologies, the Realty Operations Group and The University of California.

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