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Top Channels for Digital Employee Communications

From the frontline retail employee to the C-suite, every employee is more connected than ever before. The digital workplace is part of everyday life, in some shape, to help an employee be more productive at their job. One thing that many corporate communications teams are trying to optimize is how to reach the right audience with the right message. 

With email, apps, chats, and more, at the fingertips of every member of the organization, communications teams to make sure their message cuts through the noise. We have put together some of the best channels to make sure that digital messages are getting to your target audience. 

Starting with the three channels below, intranet, email, and mobile app, communications teams can use familiar tools to bring consistent messaging to drive engagement. Knowing that everyone in the organization is getting the messaging they need, from press releases to critical alerts, is about corporate communications is all about. 

If you want to see more about how Akumina can deliver across these channels, and more, request a demo. 

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A company intranet serves as a central hub for internal communication. With the ability to host documents, news, and announcements, as well as provide a platform for discussion and collaboration, the intranet can be the "one-stop" for all employees. 

Plus, as more digital workplace tools develop API access, an intranet can be the place to pull everything together. Whether you simply consolidate notifications into one stream or build a "single pane of glass" experience, a good corporate intranet should be an integral part of an employee's work. Once you know where the eyeballs will be, use that attention to make sure your message is delivered. 

Email continues to be the workhorse of communications around the world. With millions of messages circulating every day, it does more than just be an inbox.

Nearly every application and website requires an email address for account creation, login, and user validation. With this requirement and the fact that your company likely controls email access, the inbox is still a great way to get a message delivered.

When you consider analytics tools that are almost as old as the web itself, email allows communications expert the ability to know where their messages are getting delivered, opened, clicked, and read. 

Employee mobile apps are important for several reasons, and they have become increasingly popular in modern workplaces. With full-fledged computing devices in nearly every pocket, a mobile app helps to bring an equitable digital employee experience to everyone, regardless of role. 

Mobile apps are sure to deliver on accessibility, provide real-time updates, leverage personalization, and give IT complete control for security.

Lastly, the cost efficiency of mobile apps means that this experience can be delivered for pennies.