Employee Experience Academy: Video Library

Employee Experience Academy: Video Library

Improve your Employee Experience Platform

Are you looking for best practices and tips for improving your employee experience in the digital workspace? We have connected with Akumina customers in these employee experience videos to learn more. Join us as we talk to experts from companies across multiple industries to learn how they have created a positive employee experience for every member of their company.

2021 Technology Trends

In this episode of Employee Experience Academy, Samantha Kenney, VP of Global Marketing at Akumina discusses the technology trends she anticipates seeing in 2021, and shares the one she’s watching closely. To learn more about creating an Employee Experience Platform that improves employee engagement and increases productivity, visit our Employee Experience Platform resource page.

Small Features, Big Difference with MassMutual

In this episode of Employee Experience Academy, Betsy Codding, Head of Digital Communications & Multimedia at MassMutual, shares some of the small details in the MassMutual digital workspace that have made the most impact on employee engagement. To learn more about how MassMutual leverages their digital workspace to increase employee engagement, watch our on-demand webinar.

Conversations Instead of Communications

In this episode of Employee Experience Academy, Allyson Konrad, Manager of Internal Communications at Church’s Chicken, reveals her favorite feature of Team Church’s, explains why she and her team implemented it, and why it’s so popular with employees worldwide. To learn more about how Church’s Chicken redesigned their intranet to improve their employee experience sign up for our upcoming webinar.

Building Trust with Employees

In this episode of Employee Experience Academy, Mike Volpe, CEO of Lola.com shares his views on building trust with employees through transparency in the good times and the not-so-good times.

Stay tuned for more Employee Experience Academy videos. Visit our Employee Experience Platform page to learn more about best practices, strategies, and optimizations.

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