Introducing Workspaces by Akumina- Project Collaboration for Office 365 Made Easy!

Akumina is excited to announce a new product offering coming to our suite of digital workplace solutions, Akumina Workspaces.

Workspaces by Akumina is a cloud-based collaboration platform built on top of Microsoft Office 365 that provides the easiest and most efficient way to collaborate on a single-entity or project. Workspaces connects all components of a project from the task, milestones, conversations, documents and more together into a single user experience, so users can work together in one place, real time without having to jump between multiple applications, chat tools and email to get work done!

With Workspaces, employees can create purposeful collaboration spaces around specific projects or events. Project collaboration is specific collaboration around a defined entity. That entity could be a project, a document, an event, a hospital patient or a customer; any defined entity. Project-based collaboration has specific people involved, a specific timeline, a series of milestones, tasks and workflows with the ultimate goal of a completion event

Workspaces is a game- changer for organizations utilizing Office 365. Leveraging the Microsoft GraphAPI, Workspaces pulls in the underlying technology from Office 365 including Office Groups, Planner, Exchange and SharePoint allowing users to benefit from the best attributes of these systems into a single platform providing one familiar experience, eliminating the need to train users on multiple applications to collaborate, find conversations, coordinate files and ultimately get work done.

Here’s a sneak peak of Workspaces:

Project Micro-Portals

Workspaces are structured micro-portals, centered on the entity and can be started from pre-created and project-relevant templates.  Users are handed a connected and branded experience that connects all content, tools, tasks, people and conversations into a single platform.

Inside a project a user has access to:

  • Summary/goals of a project
  • View and manager members
  • Threaded conversations
  • Documents & assets
  • Task
  • Milestones
  • Photos
  • Plus, any other custom widgets such as a video gallery, RSS feeds, calendars, the possibilities are endless!


Public & Private Workspaces

Employees are frequently involved in multiple projects and it can be hard to keep track where each project happens between different collaboration tools, chat applications and email. Workspaces brings together all of the projects a user is involved with via project listing page.

The listing page also shows users a public listing of other projects going on in the organization that they are not actively involved in. Workspaces can be public or private, allowing you to control who can view and edit workspaces providing transparency when you need it and controls when you don’t.


Wizard-based Workspace Builder  

Non-technical users can easily spin up new Workspaces by utilizing a wizard offering them a series of pre-built templates, as well as the ability to pick the components they want to create a custom Workspace. Additionally, collaboration needs often evolve, even after the site is created – therefore users still have flexibility to add, delete or rearrange the components in their workspace with drag-and-drop ease.


Easily Track Task and Milestones

Keep track of all task associated with a project as well as the status of key project milestones. The task manager of Workspaces leverages Office planner allowing users to easily view, create, and manage all task associated with projects.


Manage Documents and Assets

Give all project contributors access to all the documents and assets related to a project. Easily keep track of documents, manage version control, preview files, edit documents, and start conversations right around any document.


Organize Conversations & Contributors

Bring together contributors from different teams and departments to effectively get projects done. Stop jumping between different chat applications and email to collaborate on specific projects.


Dynamic Page Building

Akumina understands that projects evolve which is why we’ve built our framework to allow for easy editing even after the project workspace created. With Akumina’s page builder, users have the flexibility to add, delete or rearrange the components in their workspace with drag-and-drop functionality.

Want to learn more!? Sign up for our upcoming webinar on Thursday October 12th where we’ll take a deep dive demonstration into Workspaces and how you can start transforming project collaboration at your organization.

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