Provisioning InterChange from Azure Marketplace

Last month Akumina announced that our Digital Workplace platform, InterChange, is now available on the Azure Marketplace.

With this release, Microsoft customers can now easily stand up an instance of InterChange to empower their internal business users and developers to deliver contextual and personalized digital experiences that will transform how their employees work, collaborate, and innovate.

I wanted to walk through the steps on how to deploy an instant of InterChange on a virtual machine directly from the Azure Marketplace.   

1.) Locate InterChange within Azure Marketplace

Simply search for “InterChange”, select “InterChange Virtual Machine” and click “Create” or “Want to deploy programmatically? Get started”  to get started.

2.) Choose Deployment Option

For manual or onetime deployments choose the “create” option.


For rapid repeatable programmatic deployment clicking “Want to deploy programmatically? Get started” is the best option to select.

3.) Choose Subscription

A blade containing offer details and all available subscriptions will appear.  One or more subscriptions can be Enable/Disabled, then click “Save”.


4.) Configure Virtual Machine Deployment

To start with manual deployment on the second blade, click “Create”.  Next screen, configure the VM Size, Credentials, Storage, Network, etc.,  Akumina recommends the VM size to be at least 2 Core 7G of RAM.  This should complete the virtual machine deployment.   After successful deployment, your VM will automatically have the following firewall inbound rules enabled:

  • 80 – http
  • 443 – https
  • 603 – interchange configuration console

5.) Configure DNS

Configure the DNS with the option of a static IP from the portal.  You will need to note down the IP or DNS to  complete the configuration.

The VM will have the following web sites installed.

  • http://<DNS OR IPADDRESS>/ — Interchange app manager
  • http://<DNS OR IPADDRESS>:603/ — interchange pre-configuration

6.) Obtain Necessary SharePoint Details

Before browsing to the Interchange pre-configuration URL, obtain the following details from your SharePoint Administrator.

  1. Client ID
  2. Client Secret
  3. SharePoint site URL
  4. App redirect URL this should be the virtual machine DNS or IP Address
  5. A SharePoint admin level credentials

Please note If you are connecting from the on-premises instance of SharePoint to this virtual machine then you first need to complete enable low-trust authentication model at on-premises.

7.) Configure InterChange

Once you have all the data, browse to http://<DNS OR IPADDRESS>:603/ .  Login using the username and password set for the VM in Azure. Complete the required fields and click “Save”.


8.) Test Login

When all steps are completed, browse to http://<DNS OR IPADDRESS>/. After a successful login you can manage your SharePoint site via InterChange.

9.) Begin Managing SharePoint Site via InterChange

To access app directly from SharePoint site collection click “Download App”, the “” file will appear in your download directory.  Drag this file into the App Catalog in SharePoint.  The App will then be ready to be added to your SharePoint Site Collection.  This App can also be added to manage content in other Site Collections in this SharePoint Farm or O365 instance.

If the App Redirect URL configured is https then Akumina will add  a pre-configured test certificate, you are responsible for getting the valid certificate thru a certification authority, otherwise you will get a certification validation error.  To fix the error you can RDP into your virtual machine to generate or install production certificate.

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